• Location:¬†Outskirts of Norwich
  • Surface Area: 20 ha
  • Contracting Investor: Big Sky Developments

St Giles Park a 400+ unit housing development on the outskirts of Norwich split into a number of phases to allow for the house building contractors to follow the completion of the initial works on the site.

Water attenuation, deep drainage, utilities and road/pavement formation were a major part of this project, as were the highways improvement works carried out on nearby Cantley Lane to ensure proper access for both vehicles and pedestrians from this established residential road into the new development. Residents on the part of Cantley Lane adjoining the development were also provided with improved access to their properties following the remodelling of the carriageway.

Following the completion of the stage of the works that included the road formation, 2no play areas were installed with a variety of equipment and a safe surface. This was followed by road access and a parking area for the planned sports pavilion surrounded by large areas laid for sports pitches. A footpath was also constructed running around the edge of the development and sports pitches. Landscaping and planting were also undertaken.

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